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  • Published: 30 May 2018
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    If triceps pushdowns are part of your tricep training then you are going to want to watch this video on how to squeeze every gain out of the exercise for max size. The pushdown is one of the most common tricep exercises but often misperformed as well. Here, I’m going to show you the best way to position your elbows, wrists, hands, and shoulders during the movement to get the most out of your tricep workouts.

    So it stands to reason that simply flexing and extending your elbow on a pushdown is not enough if you want to see maximum gains from the exercise. There is much more to it and the sooner you can capitalize on each of the areas I’m going to show you the better results you will see from performing the exercise.

    It starts with the hand position in relation to your body. You want to be sure that you don’t keep your hands too close to your chest or too far away during the exercise. If you stand too close you will likely see your hands rise up to about face level and this will take tension off of the triceps in the beginning of the exercise. With the line of resistance parallel to the forearm at the start you will not have as much tension on the triceps as desired.

    If you stand too far away then you will likely see your elbows drift away from your body which will cause the lats to overactivate and contribute unnecessarily to the lift. The key is to either find the midrange of these two extremes where your hands can be about chest height during the start and finish of each rep or perform the rocking pushdown that I have covered on this channel instead.

    Next you want to be conscious of the elbow positioning during the exercise. If you allow them to drift out (as if often the case when you see people perform this exercise) then you are going to quickly shift the work away from the triceps and onto the chest. You essentially turn the pushdown into a standing dip which will lessen its effectiveness on the triceps greatly.

    People often wonder whether the hands should be in a pronated or supinated position on the bar when performing the pushdowns. This is actually tricky because anatomically you are likely to believe that there is no impact on the triceps by varying the grip to an overhand or underhand position. The key however is that the change in grip often has an impact on the position of the shoulder and arm that can in fact affect the area of the triceps you are feeling it in.

    Finally, if you have any wrist issues you definitely want to take note of the implement you are using. Obviously a straight bar is going to be more stressful on your wrists given the fact that your wrists tend to go into radial deviation naturally with wrist extension. If you force your wrists flat you likely won’t see any additional strain on the wrists but rather in a compromise of the elbows flaring out that leads to the issues already covered.

    The fact is, the triceps pushdown exercise is incredibly popular and if you want to see the best gains from doing the exercise then you will want to take note of each of the things mentioned in this video. Obviously anyone can do a tricep exercise but getting the most out of it is what we are really after. If you want to get the most out of every workout you do, head to and start training like an athlete. See your best and fastest gains ever within the next 90 days.

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    • One Punch Man
      One Punch Man  3 months back

      Brian's forearms are the size of my thighs😂

  • Prophet
    Prophet  3 days back

    Love you jeff, you answered all my doubts here

    • Zetsuke4
      Zetsuke4  7 days back

      Very informative

      • Zetsuke4
        Zetsuke4  7 days back

        The best video on triceps pushdown!! I learned so much

        • Sébastien Fredette
          Sébastien Fredette  2 weeks back

          If every teacher was only half as good as him... life would be amazing...

          • Constantine Thomas
            Constantine Thomas  4 weeks back

            Every video, I see and study I'm gaining strength and size.... 225lbs now. Jeff is worth his weight in gold. Au+

            • Zyon
              Zyon  1 months back

              What was the name of that blue belt he was using on the pull downs?

              • Carnal Flower
                Carnal Flower  2 months back

                What I LOVE just as much as the exercises are Jeff's crystal clear, scientific explanations of how things work. If I could I would make it mandatory for other trainers to watch and learn from his videos. I paid hard-earned money for years to people who claimed to be professionals yet who didn't care if I get any results. Jeff is the polar opposite, he is educating and helping people because he cares. This guy is worth his weight in gold.

                • S S
                  S S  2 months back

                  Really enjoy your videos. On this one, you spent a lot of time on the anatomy and bio-mechanics, and not as much on how to actually (step by step) do the exercises to “get jacked.” I appreciate and respect your knowledge and fully trust that what you say is good and makes sense. I may not recall the science of your videos but will definitely remember the form and execution of your recommended exercises. I mean no disrespect just providing constructive feedback. Thanks!

                  • kerwin thorne
                    kerwin thorne  2 months back

                    I've had a tricep tear that required surgery what's the best exercise to gain back my strength it's been 4 months now and I'm still struggling on all my push exercises

                    • TAROTAI
                      TAROTAI  2 months back

                      🎓Professor in da house!

                      • Naveed Islam
                        Naveed Islam  2 months back

                        Supinated for me I'd a lot harder to add more weight compared to the traditional style. I have wrist issues so I'd use the V bar or wide grip on Flat bar. Great Video !

                        • One Punch Man
                          One Punch Man  3 months back

                          Thanks for your help Jeff👍

                          • Gautam DCF
                            Gautam DCF  3 months back

                            Everything I can do Jeff can do better.

                            • david,r. massey
                              david,r. massey  3 months back

                              Jeff is so 100% rite on in this vid. I use TrakHandle Pro-X (2 handles) mounted overhead& slightly behind me in a custom made concentration curling machine with arm pad craddles for each arm. This rig is both for multi angle curls as well as concentration triceps pull downs. The handles allow wrist, hand, and forearms variations to hit every head of the triceps. Jeffs wisdom & instructions apply perfectly to my custom welded/fit incline bench conversion.

                              • RocknRolla
                                RocknRolla  3 months back

                                How is the cable At the end called?

                                • Kam Mueller
                                  Kam Mueller  3 months back

                                  If you thumbs down Jeff's videos, have the balls to say why. Then the rest of us can explain to you why you are Fing stupid.

                                  • Rajan Kalsi
                                    Rajan Kalsi  3 months back

                                    Keep up the good work Sir Learning a lot from you🙏

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                                      • Steve Frame
                                        Steve Frame  3 months back

                                        Thanks Jeff

                                        • Keegan Maroney
                                          Keegan Maroney  3 months back

                                          So my question do we know why the shoulder externally rotates when in supination

                                          • steve l
                                            steve l  3 months back

                                            just found the channel and its great but i was wondering ijust started useing a close grip attachment and i feel it all the way threw my triceps i dont push my elbows out just my grip is different is this way good or am i doing it wrong thank you in advance

                                            • Tamer Said
                                              Tamer Said  4 months back


                                              • Jasmin Pilipovic
                                                Jasmin Pilipovic  4 months back

                                                Where can I buy this rope.

                                                • Ionut Daniel Andrei
                                                  Ionut Daniel Andrei  4 months back

                                                  The most helpful tricep video on whole youtube !

                                                  • RockNRull101
                                                    RockNRull101  4 months back

                                                    man just every time i'm getting overwhelmed by his amount of knoledge. pure awesomeness jeff!

                                                    • Sam Vegas
                                                      Sam Vegas  4 months back

                                                      The pushdown is the exercise i hate the most

                                                      • TRUMPTROLL 420
                                                        TRUMPTROLL 420  4 months back

                                                        JEFF THE ENDING WAS GREAT , THE LONG STRAP *IS THE SHIT* , GONNA START DOING THOSE FULL RANGE OF MOTION
                                                        *BACK ARM DISTROYERS*
                                                        BUT I'LL USE A GREEN RUBBER BAND FROM BIG-5 SPORTING GOODS ,,, THANKS
                                                        YOUR TEACHING ME MANY GOOD TIPS

                                                        • Mark Edwards
                                                          Mark Edwards  4 months back

                                                          That long rope idea is brilliant! Basically a push down going into a standing kickback all in one. I can't wait to try this tomorrow!

                                                          • Joe A
                                                            Joe A  4 months back

                                                            All about the dirty gains, bro!

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                                                              Defender ofOasis  4 months back

                                                              I was almost doing this right. Glad I watched!

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                                                                Jeff is an encyclopaedia of health and fitness knowledge 🎓

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                                                                  VALUED -1  5 months back

                                                                  Thank you Jeff C.

                                                                  If I signed up for the program, where do the work outs take place? My local gym?

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                                                                    David Chen  5 months back

                                                                    1:54 Anyone else notice that cut?

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                                                                      XxZERO Xx  5 months back

                                                                      Jeff's medial head of the triceps is bigger than my chest

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                                                                        Thank you Jeff.

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                                                                          Genius video!!

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                                                                                              In this video dated year ago you said keep the arms OUT from the body?

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                                                                                                Rope = grip change.