Kyle Lowry Press Conference | Eastern Conference Finals Game 2

  • Published: 18 May 2019
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Comments • 23

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7  2 months back

    Lowry discusses with media.

    • Mr.WiltGaming
      Mr.WiltGaming  4 months back

      The thumbnail coouldnt have been more accurate

      • Tosh Morales
        Tosh Morales  4 months back

        Kyle Lowry is trash

        • David Green
          David Green  4 months back

          lowry throw away game 1

          • YÁOHUtz- kaq
            YÁOHUtz- kaq  4 months back

            translate into Portuguese you also have fans in Brazil

            • Gregory Jones
              Gregory Jones  4 months back

              Kyle Lowry’s playoff career is like a new action movie coming goes straight to DVD 🥁🥁💢

              • Bam Badger
                Bam Badger  4 months back

                hes garbage

                • Bam Badger
                  Bam Badger  4 months back


                  • ultrastand phoenix
                    ultrastand phoenix  4 months back

                    Marc gasol trash .green trash siakam knowhere to be found = we losing to the bucks .

                    • Hassan 2k Whiteside
                      Hassan 2k Whiteside  4 months back

                      Wethechoke has always been the biggest pretenders in the nba recent years

                      • Yumi Tokushige
                        Yumi Tokushige  4 months back

                        Two more games and take a vacation⛱⛵️🌝🌞

                        • GiorgiG
                          GiorgiG  4 months back

                          I see that hat with number 7 on it but it don’t matter. Bucks in 5

                          • Stay Professional
                            Stay Professional  4 months back

                            Lowery was a free agent nobody wanted him...

                            • Stay Professional
                              Stay Professional  4 months back

                              Watch if Warriors win at Bucks house....

                              • fr fr
                                fr fr  4 months back

                                wow what a prediction

                            • Stay Professional
                              Stay Professional  4 months back

                              East is weeak.... Warriors will be tough East do not have shooters...

                            • Bit Ray
                              Bit Ray  4 months back

                              All Cool💰🍍🍹😎🏖💰🍍🍹👍

                              • Dre Day
                                Dre Day  4 months back

                                Kyle is straight most teams he be a back up but hes straight marc gasol is washed up he was good player but its time to realize these guys arent playoff guys there reg season guys u need heart soul and skill not just one the bucks are the best team in nba with warriors injurys and houston and raptors 3 n 4 nuggets blew there shit in so did rockets now we have 2 teams ready to play warriors vs bucks its gonna go 5 games from each series and i believe without durant n cousins bucks win it all when they beat houston in regular season i k the bucks where for real

                                • Dre Day
                                  Dre Day  4 months back

                                  @Jahod Davis Marc gasol is done

                                • Jahod Davis
                                  Jahod Davis  4 months back

                                  Andre Silvestri he not wash up tho

                              • Mrblue
                                Mrblue  4 months back

                                Only 189 views!? Kyle Lowry is my favourite plaer