11 Cool DIY School Supplies! Back To School Hacks

  • Published: 21 August 2019
  • Ready to grab your backpack and rush back to school? Do you have all your school supplies ready? We’ll help you out with these amazing school tips and tricks! Discover where to use those spare pencils or how to sneak food into class by making an edible phone case! Learn to make an awesome DIY pattern on your backpack and recycle your Tic Tac package by turning it into a case for tape! Stay tuned for more cool school hacks and stay sharp, ‘cause the school bell will start ringing anytime soon!

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    00:04 Pencil Purse
    01:57 Coffee Stained Bookmark
    02:54 DIY Backpack Paint Job
    04:37 Edible Phone Case
    06:35 Remove Notebook Pages at Ease
    07:07 USB Flash Drive Marks
    07:52 Tic Tac Tape Case
    09:06 Fluffy Unicorn Notebook

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