Colton, Cassie open up after 'The Bachelor' finale

  • Published: 13 March 2019
  • No proposal by "The Bachelor" this time, but that only served to amp up the drama after Colton Underwood said goodbye to two finalists and went chasing after Cassie Randolph, who'd already broken up with him!
    "I'm sitting here asking for a second chance," he told her as seen during a two-night "Bachelor" finale. Cassie gave Colton that second shot, and the couple is now together.
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Comments • 31

  • Gregory Wyatt
    Gregory Wyatt  Ай бұрын

    She low key looks like Miley cirus

    • Mi Lion
      Mi Lion  26 күн бұрын

      I thought the same thing 😆

      • dolreich jay Fababier
        dolreich jay Fababier  2 ай бұрын beautiful and unique

        • jklun touthang
          jklun touthang  4 ай бұрын

          What will happen to Tia And who will be the next bachelor or Bachelorette

          • What's Up?
            What's Up?  4 ай бұрын

            I doubt about the girl,she is gorgeous but i dont know,she looks like pretending inlove to this guy coz she knows that this guy love her so much..well lets see, this is just my opinion.

            • PixieMermaid
              PixieMermaid  4 ай бұрын

              She looks fantastic in that jumpsuit.. so much that itd be great idea for her to wear something like that on wedding day. Maybe a skirt over jumpsuit that comes off for reception.

              • Jennifer Hausman
                Jennifer Hausman  5 ай бұрын

                I hope she stays with him

                • Diana Munn
                  Diana Munn  5 ай бұрын

                  I think what they have now is amazing and I am so happy he followed his heart. Best wishes for many happy years together

                  • Emma Brooker
                    Emma Brooker  5 ай бұрын

                    Also can I just say ..everyone saying Cassie was there for wrong reasons and to become The next Bachelorette...why aren't they saying this about Taysia or Hannah G who both smile and are so excited when asked about if they think they could be...does that not prove they are both definitely there for wrong reasons..more so than Cassie. How about Hannah B who screamed like she won the lottery when she was chosen??? Why is there this continual trolling narrative around Cassie who has never been anything but honest the whole way through

                    • dollie bush
                      dollie bush  5 ай бұрын

                      I hope she stay with him , if not he will lose his mind

                      • Sympathetic Panda
                        Sympathetic Panda  5 ай бұрын


                        • Barbara Materna
                          Barbara Materna  5 ай бұрын

                          FAKE SHOW. The writers, producers and directors of The Bachelor Show knew exactly what they were doing for ratings. It looked real and seemed like real emotions (and I am sure some of those emotions were real), but how can someone (Cassie) not be in love with Colton and then ALL OF A SUDDEN "be in love"? And furthermore, she changed her mind just before a commercial so everyone stays viewed. After Colton jumping the fence and then go looking for her the next day or so, she would have been flattered, for sure, but she made it crystal clear that she was not in love with him just that night! This is fake and Cassie really was in love all that time and those behind the camera knew all of it. That is why she wasn't driven to the airport that night nor did she have any usual tearful and regretful thoughts. Think about it this way, when Caelynn didn't get the rose, and when it was down to Cassie or Caelynn, why did Cassie look scared stiff as if she really wanted to be picked?! And why did Cassie Not leave right away like that night and go home right away if she didn't what to be with Colton? Why was she still there after Colton's fantasy suite night with Thyshia (spelling may be off)? She was just mere blocks away waiting for the producers to call her back to the show to resume filming, which was obviously pre-arranged. It was like she was waiting for Colton all along and Cassie and Colton and the writers of the show knew exactly what they were doing, keeping the viewers at the edge of their seats. You have to keep in mind, this is a television show, they need people to be glued to their TV sets. It's a business. This is why advertiment minutes for The Bachelor are astronomical. It has to be well thought out and written, to keep the audience enthralled. Since Cassie wasn't "in love" with Colton, how in the world did she just suddenly fall in love within a day or so after he pursued her? You either are in love or you are not and not one day or a few days will change those feelings and all of a sudden. There is either chemistry or not and it's as simple as that and she made that clear that she was, "not in love." Please... Cassie was in love after all with Colton like I said and vice versa all this time! They, as well as the producers, etc. were just playing with us like I said for the tremendous ratings and paid commercial time and to keep us on the edge of our seats! Some may disagree with me, but how is this impossible? Think smart and always stay ahead of the game. They're smart in knowing how and when to keep the viewers continue viewing and believing. The writers of the show didn't want the same old story of the proposal and the ring, etc. They wanted something different! They knew exactly what they were doing. Look, I like the show so don't get me wrong and I was rooting for Colton to find his love, but this was just fantasy, the way it all played out. No one is going to put wool over my eyes and being that my husband was in television, he has taught me so much on how the television industry really works. P.S. Sheer common sense, Colton is a virgin? It's kind of hard to believe.

                          • Elizabeth Gosselin
                            Elizabeth Gosselin  3 ай бұрын

                            She didnt want to jump into a marriage like she thought she would have don't hate why she left. She says how she felt regret when she left which made her realize that she did have strong feelings for him. Sometimes you don't realize how strong you feel about somebody till their gone so that's what happened. And colton is not a liar he's not gonna say he's a virgin if he's not.

                            • Hafsa HopeHope
                              Hafsa HopeHope  5 ай бұрын

                              She is so beautiful just he fall in love with her 😍😍😍😍😘😘💕💕

                              • Karlee
                                Karlee  5 ай бұрын

                                The long string on the back of Cassie’s outfit irritated me. Is it just me? (During after the final rose that she didn’t even get until the show!😂)

                                • Ashley M
                                  Ashley M  5 ай бұрын

                                  She's not worth it, they'll break up. I thought he was gonna be with that Britney girl . whatever her name was. Other small blonde girl towards the end.

                                  • Morgan Dawn
                                    Morgan Dawn  5 ай бұрын

                                    @Daniela Perez Oh okay girl! I agree. I'm not a big fan of her being bachelorette.

                                    • Daniela Perez
                                      Daniela Perez  5 ай бұрын

                                      @Morgan Dawn ik you were talking about Hannah g I'm just saying Hannah b is the loca

                                      • Morgan Dawn
                                        Morgan Dawn  5 ай бұрын

                                        @Daniela Perez I was talking about Hannah G

                                        • Daniela Perez
                                          Daniela Perez  5 ай бұрын

                                          Hannah B. is the crazy one lmao

                                          • Morgan Dawn
                                            Morgan Dawn  5 ай бұрын

                                            @Ashley M I agree. And she's so sweet. I love her personality. I hope things go well for her. She really does deserve it.

                                            • 이순천
                                              이순천  5 ай бұрын

                                              Since becca srason I can't trust Colton beacause he came to the baachelorette even though he dates with Tia

                                              • Nat Jac
                                                Nat Jac  5 ай бұрын

                                                When is someone going to say that the girls were telling the truth by telling Colton that Cassie was not ready! She kept saying throughout the show that she was so confused. Well now Im confused bc I dont understand how someone so confused, not in love, and so selfish (as to not stay 2 more days to the end of the show so that all 3 girls could have an over night) could then be so in love. She pulled out after 7 weeks to avoid the embarassment of not being choosen on decision night. She looked completely uninterested when he came back to her and on finale night. Completely ingenuine, childlike, and unemotional. I give it 1 yr and she will break his heart.

                                                • Leslie Hayes
                                                  Leslie Hayes  5 ай бұрын

                                                  Nat Jac I give it 3 months!

                                                  • Emma Brooker
                                                    Emma Brooker  5 ай бұрын

                                                    They do explain it. Katie overheard an innocent nothing conversation on a bus where Caelyn joked around and said to Cassie if I end up with Colton I want you to get chosen for the bachelorette..and Cassie did what every best friend does, innocently gives the sentiment back to her friend. It was no big deal and shouldn't have been made one by jealous sharks circling....I truly believe Cassie would turn down the offer of bachelorette..she isn't a confident enough person and it isn't her bag. She went on bachelor for the experience, who freaking wouldn't if you were young gorgeous and single and she suddenly found herself in the love story. The things he told her on that couch overwhelmed her, that doesn't mean she didn't love and care for him. She just had to get away..

                                                    • Carole Beth
                                                      Carole Beth  5 ай бұрын

                                                      Nat Jac Maybe people actually believe the clear explanation Cassie and Colton giving instead of attributing their own motives to her. Try just believing them, they know more than you do.

                                                      • Nancy Walkling
                                                        Nancy Walkling  5 ай бұрын

                                                        They don’t have to care what you think, it’s their lives.

                                                        • Tiffany
                                                          Tiffany  5 ай бұрын

                                                          Love this couple but what is up with that slow continuous zoom..... 1:55

                                                          • Paula Donnelly
                                                            Paula Donnelly  5 ай бұрын

                                                            I love them together! Cassie is absolutely beautiful!