Let's Play Pokemon Colosseum - Part 17 - Infiltrating the Shadow Pokemon Lab by Cuddleofdeath

  • Published: 14 September 2011
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    In this episode, our heroes chase down Lady Venus only to find out that she dropped the subway key. Kris and Ginger decide to courageously board the subway to see where it goes. As they arrive to their destination, they begin obtaining even more information on who might possibly be behind this shadow Pokemon scheme. On the way, they encounter angry scientists who are trying to cover up potential information.



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Comments • 40

  • Chris Abbott
    Chris Abbott  Pirms 5 Gadiem

    Lovely voice love to battle u sometime

    • FaliggetFTW
      FaliggetFTW  Pirms 6 Gadiem

      Ahhh, CuddleofDeath. Notorious for never finishing a Let's Play. Instead of finishing this, she starts another a Colosseum Let's Play...

      • Bennett Payne
        Bennett Payne  Pirms 7 Gadiem

        why is this game not finished?

        • nagitive10
          nagitive10  Pirms 7 Gadiem

          y no more

          • lopl
            lopl  Pirms 7 Gadiem

            why no more

            • umejiaku6
              umejiaku6  Pirms 7 Gadiem

              lol check downstairs....for goodies...too late to erase

              • Wisper Wisp
                Wisper Wisp  Pirms 7 Gadiem

                no more?

                • eternalsession
                  eternalsession  Pirms 7 Gadiem

                  why did you change

                  • Tyler Smith
                    Tyler Smith  Pirms 7 Gadiem

                    actually in my cae ubreon is better because i had the hardest time ever with lady venus and my umbreon saved me in a desprate situation

                    • Matthew Kartanowicz
                      Matthew Kartanowicz  Pirms 7 Gadiem

                      Cant wait to see more Colosseum! *subscribes*

                      • xXdarkangel25Xxx
                        xXdarkangel25Xxx  Pirms 7 Gadiem

                        pj quit the series and left it to her

                        • Grandpa Ironside
                          Grandpa Ironside  Pirms 7 Gadiem

                          OH god....That magneton looks awful......

                          • theshypumpkin
                            theshypumpkin  Pirms 7 Gadiem

                            Is part 18 coming? ....like ever?

                            • Blakesterrico
                              Blakesterrico  Pirms 7 Gadiem

                              Why are u not makeing this pokemon seares any more

                              • Isikar66
                                Isikar66  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                Nice work Cuddleofdeath and Ninbuzz! I'm a little sick right now but still living and doing great things =). I hope that your weeks go well my friends and I definitely can't wait for the next part to come out =D

                                • JosueIsFunnyMan1
                                  JosueIsFunnyMan1  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                  being lazy ROCKS!

                                  • mikenike684
                                    mikenike684  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                    y'know what, it's weird on surf in this game, surf doesn't affect the partner

                                    • cuddleofdeath
                                      cuddleofdeath  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                      @Wafflezthebeast Here's a hint: check out their channel. :3

                                      • Charles Johnson
                                        Charles Johnson  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                        "I'll make you regret seeing me!" (Myron runs, but then stops suddenly) "Oh, no! I dropped the Card Key!" ^^

                                        • dudesayswhat1011
                                          dudesayswhat1011  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                          i mean no offense but what about trainers that switch mean look comes in handy and lololol balls

                                          • thedrurose
                                            thedrurose  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                            yeah your back I missed hearing your voice and watching this game I love pokemon It myy life

                                            • Williem DeFriend
                                              Williem DeFriend  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                              I don't wanna loose my balls :x

                                              • Mini Frozo
                                                Mini Frozo  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                i love cuddling :) just uhhh id be scared to cuddle with you! i dont wanna die!

                                                • Gatta Harmon
                                                  Gatta Harmon  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                  pokemon colosseum was one of the best game on the gamecube

                                                  • PasqualinaWII Nintendo Gamer

                                                    YAY Pokemon Colosseum is back :) Love it Cuddle!!!

                                                    • KeepItBlitzo
                                                      KeepItBlitzo  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                      No top comment? ok here is my chance umm Kristen is cute

                                                      • FreshFatih
                                                        FreshFatih  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                        cool! new patrt:)

                                                        • KeepItBlitzo
                                                          KeepItBlitzo  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                          No top comment/ ok here is my chance umm. Kristen is cute!

                                                          • FreshFatih
                                                            FreshFatih  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                            nice new part!

                                                            • alexlps1
                                                              alexlps1  Pirms 8 Gadiem


                                                              • alexlps1
                                                                alexlps1  Pirms 8 Gadiem


                                                                • SuperiorDeadpool
                                                                  SuperiorDeadpool  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                  @bugsenbunny Hum... Excuse me? Did you say something? I'm afraid I'm unable to understand stupid trolls like you... I'm sorry.

                                                                  • MrMoneyMan10
                                                                    MrMoneyMan10  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                    Cuddleofdeath is so happy!

                                                                    • MrMoneyMan10
                                                                      MrMoneyMan10  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                      so happy!

                                                                      • MrMoneyMan10
                                                                        MrMoneyMan10  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                        so happy...

                                                                        • Gills1710
                                                                          Gills1710  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                          @santiago11saavedra11 You're regretting your decision to post that comment right about now

                                                                          • Geoff
                                                                            Geoff  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                            Awww yea more Cuddle, just what I needed for my lunch break!

                                                                            • Geoff
                                                                              Geoff  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                              Awww yea more Cuddle, just what I needed for my lunch break!

                                                                              • MegaManThunderX
                                                                                MegaManThunderX  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                                nice video!!! 5/5 woopers

                                                                                • Peter Jan
                                                                                  Peter Jan  Pirms 8 Gadiem

                                                                                  @santiago11saavedra11 congrats homo