Kitchen Nightmares - S04E06 Momma Cherris Soul Food Shack Revisited

  • Published: 09 March 2015
  • Kitchen Nightmares - S04E06 Momma Cherris Soul Food Shack Revisited
    Kitchen Nightmares - S04E06 Momma Cherris Soul Food Shack Revisited

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  • billiebob123456
    billiebob123456  5 months back


    • Krieger roger
      Krieger roger  5 months back

      How much he is rich and famous he is always humble...he always precious her family's

      • Casper Vastenburg
        Casper Vastenburg  3 months back

        Gordon Ramsay earned £60.000.000 in 2018! (More than £1.000.000 a week 🤔😳) his personal net worth £250.000.000 and he all made this from scratch, what do you think about that???

    • Ajit Kirpekar
      Ajit Kirpekar  6 months back

      I felt Gordon's pain. It's an example of why I think he has real disdain for other chefs. He takes food very seriously and would rather quit the business than churn out substandard product. He's been trained - there is good and there is bad and no matter how much money you make, it's still a matter of good and bad and doing things correctly. It must be so disheartening to see people fall into laziness.

      • Tayla Skinner
        Tayla Skinner  7 months back

        I’m from New Orleans and I love soul food ❤️ That’s what we are known for seeing that restaurant go from nothing to something made me feel happy for the simple fact my mouth watered watching it be prepared freshly I love cooking with fresh food and I love GR he might be an asshole but it’s for a good reason it’s because he care have to stay strong and have your head on right to be successful 👌

        • Skinner31
          Skinner31  8 months back

          The one episode I never understood, his Dinner was “Bloody Delicious” then why change anything work on marketing the place getting the word out I mean Gordon did say Fuckin Hell Ribs are Delicious so why change it pretty close to impossible to please Ramsey but she did right out of the gate. IDK

          • xiomana xoxoxo
            xiomana xoxoxo  8 months back

            You know I work in the hospitality industry and it takes so much passion and effort to do a restaurant you have to keep your standards once you start slipping , the quality goes down and you can get it past some people but you can't get it past the foodies.

            • xiomana xoxoxo
              xiomana xoxoxo  8 months back

              She needs to be FOH FRONT OF HOUSE. wow. What a great episode, love when they get into the personal stories of the staff . They have a Gold mine right under their feet.

            • Joe Lilley
              Joe Lilley  8 months back

              Honestly it would be so Damn funny if Gordan fucked up that cake or that lunch deal meal that he cooked lmao just bc this is one of the only places he liked the food, it would just be funny if he was trying to make a new menu and messed up the new food that he cooked and the staff didn't like it lmfao.

              • iluvdissheet
                iluvdissheet  8 months back

                I love the UK version of kitchen nightmares. Just sad most of my country does not understand how other countries work. Wish I could watch more! I love GR 😍

                • larst coros
                  larst coros  9 months back

                  gordon ramsay cannot and *will* not get over the fucking moon walking

                  • frost kay
                    frost kay  9 months back

                    When ppl get full the get greedy . And they don't care about the quality

                    • johanna cannata
                      johanna cannata  1 years back

                      Soul food it's all over New Orleans ......

                      • curtislee
                        curtislee  2 years back

                        Nope,not a penny

                        • adrian lujan
                          adrian lujan  2 years back

                          Gordon tries to brag and show off how classy he pressume to be... but seriously, that black stripped jacket needs to be cooked in the oven...
                          especially since ive seen him wear it in like 10 episodes..
                          C'MON ALREADY GORDON..
                          SERIOUALY hurts MY EYES..BUT HIS FOOD IS AMAZING!!!

                          • 19509b4
                            19509b4  4 months back


                          • iluvdissheet
                            iluvdissheet  8 months back


                        • Mask McGee
                          Mask McGee  2 years back

                          everyone is looking for 35:50

                          Don't know why the idiot included the entire first episode as well.

                          • Smit Miras
                            Smit Miras  1 years back


                          • Tim Odin
                            Tim Odin  1 years back

                            That's ALL of their revisit episodes. It's a shortened version of the original episode to allow for the revisit.

                        • Caroline Chiasson
                          Caroline Chiasson  2 years back

                          "I fucking love the Shack, this is painful" - Gordon Ramsey

                          • HelmetBlissta
                            HelmetBlissta  2 years back

                            Many people are rather sick of US domination. Perhaps a US-styled restaurant is not the best choice for Brighton.
                            Personally, I wouldn't eat there.

                            • tarl cabot
                              tarl cabot  4 weeks back

                              I believe the idea was that this is only American Soul food in Brighton. Find me a city with food from everywhere and I'll visit or live there, variety is enchanting.

                            • iluvdissheet
                              iluvdissheet  4 months back

                              @Toy Dubz so you must agree with the post that it's not American its black? Ok. You call it African, I call it American. Ive never had traditional soul food at an African restaurant. Regardless, the OP said England doesn't need an Anerican restaurant. I was offering other options.

                            • Toy Dubz
                              Toy Dubz  4 months back

                              @iluvdissheet soul food is of African descent. Created by enslaved Blacks in America. Paula Deen cooks SOUTHERN food. Ree Drummond doesn't cook soul food at all, she makes comfort food, not the same thing.

                            • Stephanie Doe
                              Stephanie Doe  6 months back

                              @Lakyn Marie And "Black" isn't American?

                            • David Tankesley
                              David Tankesley  8 months back

                              @blurwake yoir right and im so glad you posted this. They dont have to spend all there money on there armys because of us. And all these libs want to bitch about us. Having America food in brighten is not a good idea. What a dumb ass. Its food. China is communist. Do they have Chinese food it brighten? You know it. I just dont understand some people. Let's make food political

                          • ArsenalGunnification
                            ArsenalGunnification  2 years back

                            save them chef Ramsay!

                            • Carol Price
                              Carol Price  4 months back

                              Fact you can't save a person from themselves you can make them gain what thay need to change and that will last but any thing eals won't work Thay need to earn it with effert our it will have no value to them.