Getting the Right Date | Ruby Le | TEDxCulverCitySalon

  • Published: 03 March 2017
  • Ruby Le grew up in a strict Asian household where she was expected to get a stable job as a doctor or lawyer. With the plan already laid out for her, Ruby decided not to take the path most travelled. Ruby has always followed her life goal to make a difference in lives and decided there is no bigger impact than helping people find that special someone. She earned her Bachelors degree in Social Work and Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. After working in the mental health field, she soon realized many of the challenges couples faced, were due to their incompatible personalities. Ruby is now the Lead Matchmaker at eH+ by eHarmony's. She has worked with hundreds of clients and witnessed the creation of beautiful relationships and marriages.
    Speaker Ruby Le shares her light hearted dating coach experience in her talk "Getting the Right Date". She explains why nowadays people feel so hard to find the right date to be in relationship. She points out that sometimes it's the imperfect person that can make you perfectly happy.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Malcolm Newall
    Malcolm Newall  개월 전

    Oddly I have had no issue - but - it started with being clear in my mind - she could not start with the idea that I was less valuable or had less real emotions because I am a man.....

    • Cara I. Tolzman
      Cara I. Tolzman  개월 전

      you go girl! If only more people could think like this - put value in what matters versus surface level.

      • deangelo taylor
        deangelo taylor  2 개월 전

        the right date is MGTOW

        • Robert A
          Robert A  2 개월 전

          All these emotional women are just fatiguing to listen to!

          • hunpo1
            hunpo1  3 개월 전

            Women don't understand anything about the dating game. Even when they get good advice they always ignore it in favor of their insane fantasies. Any rational 'dating coach' would go broke trying to explain the basics to women.

            • fierceresolve 1981

              I wasn't expecting her to be so sharp and on point. But she knows her stuff . if only more dating coaches took this approach more relationship advice.

              • Abraham Mathew Nag
                Abraham Mathew Nag  개월 전

                Omkar very

                • Jonathan Fesmire, Steampunk Author

                  I've watched a lot of videos about dating, read a lot about it, and dated a lot. This video is the best thing I've seen out of all the materials I've gone through. Everyone who dates needs to see this.

                  • Anna Steele
                    Anna Steele  개월 전

                    Does she work I need dading couch.

                    • rebellious man
                      rebellious man  2 년 전

                      Dating Coach.. awesome!!!!

                      • Anna Steele
                        Anna Steele  개월 전

                        Were can she be find? Regards from Iceland

                        • AnonymousUser
                          AnonymousUser  2 년 전

                          Hispanics don't smell good to me. it is just fact

                          • tracerit
                            tracerit  년 전

                            AnonymousUser but they smell like detergent, detergent smells good although strong.

                            • THE 73RD POWER
                              THE 73RD POWER  2 년 전

                              As I X73-ANDRE' THE 73RD POWER THE GOD OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD and the creator of Planet Earth and the entire Universe I say to all My Asian Women that I will keep creating universes for all my Asian woman and also for my beautiful, sexy Asian Woman Ruby Le. I LOVE MY ASIAN WOMEN and always will.

                              • Mustache Ashe
                                Mustache Ashe  2 년 전