2018 BMW 530d xDrive Test Drive!

  • Published: 17 October 2017
  • Today I test drive the new BMW 530d xDrive, and tell you guys about it!
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Comments • 9

  • Greg Hiller
    Greg Hiller  Prije 4 mjeseci

    You don't mention at all that it's the 'touring' version; and please, for god's sake, cut the music out.

    • Omar Velez
      Omar Velez  Prije godine

      Hey Kris is that a Burberry pet carrier in your backseat? If not what is the name of it? Thanks. Great video.

      • colinf1951
        colinf1951  Prije godine

        Nice video, but would like to see more of the car, such as the passenger seating , especially in the rear ? boot space and how easy to fold seats etc, but it does sound great to drive, but I wouldn't expect anything less from a BMW, but how does it stack up to a V90 ? not fair to compare your XC90 to this car, totally different animals, plus your XC90 was an early version of that particular model, I have heard that things have improved on the newer XC90 !! maybe you could test drive a newer one soon ? personally I prefer the XC60, its more nimble, especially the R-Design, easier to park etc, but still carries five people in comfort. I love your videos Kris, but do please compare like with like :-) Cheers friend :-)

        • Huw Williams
          Huw Williams  Prije godine

          I rate the Audi higher than the BMW personally, especially when comparing X5 with Q7. I've owned both models previously, albeit obviously not the current production models of either. However, having driven my Volvo XC90 for 250 miles today, mostly at around 80mph on the 170 miles of motorway, I'm not pining over either brands or models or straight or V6 engines. The only models I would currently get excited about in this league are Land Rover Range Rover models, from Disco5 to Velar and RR Sport, depending on the use envisaged. However, I wouldn't turn my nose up if offered any of these wonderful cars or a Jaguar. Not one of them. I'm sure I'd get along just fine with all of them, [or even a Peugeot 5008 most of the time] as long as I could specify the equipment, trim and extras for myself.

          • fm carv
            fm carv  Prije godine

            Such a boring interior

            • Tobias H.Brzyski
              Tobias H.Brzyski  Prije godine

              Hey Kris, I have a question for you. What do you do for a living?

              • robert4you
                robert4you  Prije godine

                Agent? Salesman? He drives many, many miles per year... I highly doubt he is a pen-pusher ;-)

                • Love Richardson
                  Love Richardson  Prije godine

                  manufacturers should give u brand new (like 10km) to break in because you drive like 2000km a week.

                  • Dimitrije Andrejic
                    Dimitrije Andrejic  Prije godine

                    More comfortable than the s90?