McLaren 540C vs Honda NSX vs Nissan GT-R drag race: plucky Brit takes on Japanese beasts

  • Published: 08 January 2017
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    McLaren 540C vs Honda NSX vs Nissan GT-R drag race
    On paper, the NSX and GT-R have the 540C licked. The high-tech cars from Japan have more power, torque and four-wheel drive. So surely, it's a foregone conclusion... right? Well, watch to find out!

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Comments • 562

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  1 weeks back

    3 favorite super cars on the market right now.

    • Ray
      Ray  1 weeks back

      the driver in the NSX sucks, 3.5 sec to do 60 mph? in paper it says 2.9 smh

      • carlos pimentel
        carlos pimentel  3 weeks back

        Fake results 🤣

        • EMRE ERTEK
          EMRE ERTEK  3 weeks back

          This is the worst NSX launch I have ever seen its 0-100 km/h (0-62 mp/h) is normally less than 2.9 seconds and in other tests the NSX eats all of them, who is driving that NSX? A 5 year old?

          • dmanatan
            dmanatan  3 weeks back

            Take a look at the NSX Dyno sheet. It's the strangest I've seen. The 573hp doesn't play like a traditional 573hp. The electric motors lose their advantage about Midway through the power band. The engine could use another 50-75hp.

            • DoMi
              DoMi  4 weeks back

              NSX 0-60mph=2.9...its fake...Type f in the answers

              • Lock JR
                Lock JR  1 months back

                But... the nsx slaps the gtr...

                • Sounak Rakshit
                  Sounak Rakshit  2 months back

                  You just can't launch the nsx..check your 0-60's crapp..first learn how to launch and then do drag race..

                  • Kim
                    Kim  2 months back

                    Not fair

                    • Chain Gamerz
                      Chain Gamerz  2 months back

                      Tf is wrong with the driver of the nsx.... Smh.....

                      • Rakshith Bekal
                        Rakshith Bekal  3 months back

                        NSX started last and the driver prolly sucked

                        • A Rod
                          A Rod  4 months back

                          I'll take the NSX anyway. I don't need the fastest car by stats long as I'm driving the best looking one.

                          • bacha yadev
                            bacha yadev  4 months back

                            GO GTR GO

                            • yuiayaka
                              yuiayaka  4 months back


                              • Adnan masud
                                Adnan masud  4 months back

                                The guy behind nsx is a moron it can easily do 0-60 in 2.9 secs.

                                • Asir Maimani
                                  Asir Maimani  5 months back

                                  I feel there is a marketing game behind this.. NSX should be 1st, GTR 2nd, and that thing full of reliability issues at 3rd.

                                  • edwin ramirez
                                    edwin ramirez  5 months back

                                    Cuanto les pagaron para que el Acura no ganará ?

                                    • Lagtok
                                      Lagtok  5 months back

                                      if japanese seriously making sports car the other famous sports car maker will be got jealous! and others reviewer will under rated the japanese car!

                                      • Aidos Kenes
                                        Aidos Kenes  6 months back

                                        McLaren 😍

                                        • patrick mansour
                                          patrick mansour  6 months back

                                          Why i am hearing matt watson??

                                          • Mauro Comé Banqueiro
                                            Mauro Comé Banqueiro  6 months back

                                            GTR need diet

                                            • james patterson
                                              james patterson  6 months back

                                              the nsx does 0-60 in 2.9....bad driver

                                              • Joe L
                                                Joe L  7 months back

                                                That was the lowest level of McLaren and the speed at the end was 10 mph faster at the end. wow

                                                • Sounak Rakshit
                                                  Sounak Rakshit  7 months back

                                                  You people just can't launch that nsx..the 0-60 should be within 3.0 sec..

                                                  • Jammer50
                                                    Jammer50  8 months back

                                                    Nissan rules!

                                                    • []
                                                      []  8 months back

                                                      The nsx wins against the GTR in some other drag racing videos I've watched. What happened here ?

                                                      • supravsg35
                                                        supravsg35  9 months back

                                                        Gtr better 0-60 than nsx, same 0-100 as nsx, same trap speed at the 1/4 @ 158.2 mph as nsx, but 0.4 sec slower???? Oh well not really important as the McLaren won anyways

                                                        • World Events Judgement
                                                          World Events Judgement  9 months back

                                                          Fake test!

                                                          • Luka
                                                            Luka  10 months back

                                                            This is not other videos and you will see nsx performs much better

                                                            • Nawawi Zacaria
                                                              Nawawi Zacaria  10 months back

                                                              The NSX beat the GTR several times. LOL, this is scripted!

                                                              • James Lundy
                                                                James Lundy  10 months back

                                                                Just to no that was the track edition gtr not the mismo edition which would have smoke both them lame as cars # gtr super car killa

                                                                • Gamal Faris
                                                                  Gamal Faris  10 months back

                                                                  The real game in weight and not horsepower.
                                                                  Giant McLaren.

                                                                  • Brad Oconnor
                                                                    Brad Oconnor  10 months back

                                                                    Replace the driver in the NSX PLEASE. This bafoon is wasting this masterpieces potential.

                                                                    • Remanan Arun
                                                                      Remanan Arun  10 months back

                                                                      yeah right. a nsx can do 0-60 3 sec all day long

                                                                      • RDKells
                                                                        RDKells  10 months back

                                                                        Sounds like you recorded this at 4am, trying not to wake ur mum lol.

                                                                        • Matt_in_Tucson
                                                                          Matt_in_Tucson  10 months back

                                                                          nsx is faster than this... must be the driver

                                                                          • Matt_in_Tucson
                                                                            Matt_in_Tucson  10 months back

                                                                            ive seen people go 0-60 in under 3 seconds in the nsx, and run very close to 10 second quarter miles

                                                                            • Matt_in_Tucson
                                                                              Matt_in_Tucson  10 months back


                                                                              • Victor
                                                                                Victor  11 months back

                                                                                Your narrative voice is really quiet and boring

                                                                                • storm chaser 200
                                                                                  storm chaser 200  11 months back

                                                                                  Not true the nsx has three electric motors which should beat the nissan in acceleration but can't say the same for the maclaren though

                                                                                  • omi
                                                                                    omi  11 months back


                                                                                    • FreedCornet743 Trollston
                                                                                      FreedCornet743 Trollston  11 months back

                                                                                      Keep her lit boi 🇬🇧

                                                                                      • matteovrizzi
                                                                                        matteovrizzi  12 months back

                                                                                        Drag race in the dry ==> quickest car. Drag race in the wet ==> best driver...

                                                                                        • Katheryn
                                                                                          Katheryn  1 years back

                                                                                          540C... THE REAL NEW NSX!!!

                                                                                          • KAAN YT 2003
                                                                                            KAAN YT 2003  1 years back

                                                                                            I would buy a mclaren 540c or a audi R8

                                                                                            • CanadaCraig
                                                                                              CanadaCraig  1 years back

                                                                                              How many drag races are a kilometre long? Next to none. The McLaren's higher speed advantage would rarely come in to play. IN THE REAL WORLD.

                                                                                              • Abdou Algiruani
                                                                                                Abdou Algiruani  1 years back

                                                                                                McLaren is the best ❤ ,,, if the 540 is this fast then what about the P1 😍😍

                                                                                                • R35 GTR sh*t
                                                                                                  R35 GTR sh*t  1 years back

                                                                                                  Why nsx never race with gtr nismo
                                                                                                  That wasn't fair for gtr.