Eminem and Yelawolf Discuss "Love Story"

  • Published: 06 May 2015
  • Get "Love Story," featuring "American You" and "Best Friend" ft. Eminem, now: http://smarturl.it/YelaLoveStory.
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  • Lotus Flower
    Lotus Flower  6 months back

    Michael.ky kuter than Kai, don't know who you are man. My youngest son has the highest spectrum Autism. Please do All you can to the cure for AUTISM!!!

    • silverado saga
      silverado saga  9 months back


      • Kayla Christine
        Kayla Christine  1 years back

        YelaWolf is the Dopest mf to come out of Gadsden Alabama 💯❤

        • Gary Brown
          Gary Brown  6 months back

          Check out whoisclever he's also coming out of gadsden Alabama

      • MyXrayz
        MyXrayz  2 years back

        Love Story is a classic.

        • DragoFTW
          DragoFTW  2 years back

          Yela sounds so different off the mic

          • laurissachilson
            laurissachilson  3 years back

            yes please you two killing it boiis

            • Ragan Gaspard
              Ragan Gaspard  3 years back


              • Charlie Rumble
                Charlie Rumble  3 years back


                • adam corrales XO
                  adam corrales XO  3 years back

                  I give the album a solid 10/10. it's such a good album, best I've ever heard from him. hope he sticks with a style similar to this album

                  • Austin Smith
                    Austin Smith  3 years back

                    Morris Illinois U-Haul name is Marshall Bruce Mathers

                    • Captain X
                      Captain X  4 years back

                      Em is talking about sonically, What I want to know is why HE never had a sonically intense album.
                      He's freaking *Eminem*. He could get Kanye to do an album collaboratively with one phone call. "Eminem - The Dark Fantasy of Slim Shady: Return of The Menace" Lets send letters to Paul Rosenberg to get that one crackin!

                      • E Miller III
                        E Miller III  3 years back

                        Eminem Show was sonically pleasing

                      • N3OVR
                        N3OVR  3 years back

                        love this :) if only

                    • WildLionProductions
                      WildLionProductions  4 years back

                      One of the best albums I ever heard.  I wish the rest of hip hop culture thought the same because it's truly amazing

                      • Rebel Belle
                        Rebel Belle  4 years back

                        So happy Shady Records signed Yelawolf up. Been a huge fan of Ems for years and now a fan of Yelawolf. This album, 'Love Story' is the best album I've bought since MMLP2. Perfect partnership these two!! Can't wait to see Yelawolf when he comes here in Dec! Yeeeoooowww!

                        • Ryan Ferguson
                          Ryan Ferguson  4 years back

                          Hey can you check out a video i put up of a song im making called shottys and ks ..... not done yet or produced in a fantastic studio just a laptop an mic but i would like to know what i need to work on ...the name is ryan Ferguson and song is....shotty an ks 3/4 the way done

                          • Joseph Stalin
                            Joseph Stalin  4 years back

                            Outer Space is the best song on the album

                            • Steven Kelley
                              Steven Kelley  4 years back

                              Just downloaded Love Story on iTunes....I love how this sounds like nothing else on the radio right now - thanks for what you put into this album!

                              • Joshua Brennan
                                Joshua Brennan  4 years back

                                Love Story came out at a perfect time for me.... thank you Yela!!!

                                • Kevin Shi
                                  Kevin Shi  4 years back

                                  Heartbreak is literally the best song ever

                                  • Heidi Elliott
                                    Heidi Elliott  4 years back

                                    dope  check out the @YELAWOFPACK page on facebook

                                    • OliDox
                                      OliDox  4 years back

                                      "I don't want to say that this album is bringing you into his world anymore than the last one is, but this one I feel like is kinda doing it even more" - marshall

                                    • ToxicRa1n4
                                      ToxicRa1n4  4 years back

                                      Liking this album more than special effects

                                      • C C
                                        C C  4 years back

                                        The outtakes video was a lot more fun...

                                        But damn, Marshall looks fab! Looks like he been taking better care of himself lately.

                                        Great song and album BTW.

                                        • iansBad
                                          iansBad  4 years back

                                          MORE PLEASE.....

                                          • 6Foot4Honda
                                            6Foot4Honda  4 years back

                                            Yelawolf's album is DOPE.
                                            Tennessee Love is my favourite.. Just pure art on this album

                                            • DrewTheDestroyer
                                              DrewTheDestroyer  4 years back

                                              +6Foot4Honda god damn man.... you are everywhere!!!! love your motovlogs to btw!

                                            • Jake Thomas
                                              Jake Thomas  4 years back

                                              Tennessee Love isn't new it was released a few years ago

                                          • SoFloAPO
                                            SoFloAPO  4 years back


                                            • Maxim Raccoon
                                              Maxim Raccoon  4 years back

                                              Love story it's one of the best album that I listened to, Em found a very talented rapper

                                              • dslimm
                                                dslimm  4 years back

                                                That have a nice flight is a masterpiece. Thank God for YelaWolf.

                                                • Griff
                                                  Griff  4 years back

                                                  A 57 second discussion...must be in depth

                                                  • Hayden G3
                                                    Hayden G3  4 years back

                                                    For 57 seconds, it was!

                                                • Tim Medic
                                                  Tim Medic  4 years back

                                                  Em's just standing there thinking "damn this album flopped". Btw I like the album but it cant be doing well profit wise

                                                  • Matthew Worledge
                                                    Matthew Worledge  7 months back

                                                    Love Story is now a GOLD certified album along with two of the singles that came out of it. This will forever grow even more over the years. Eat your words.

                                                  • Ali Sameer
                                                    Ali Sameer  4 years back

                                                    +Tim Medic Sales aint shit!

                                                  • Janoy Giovanni
                                                    Janoy Giovanni  4 years back

                                                    How can you say that he will look at it as a failure in three years? This album wasn't radioactive buddy.

                                                  • Andy Cordero
                                                    Andy Cordero  4 years back

                                                    @clever1er He released Trunk Muzik, and Trunk Muzik Returns. I think Trunk Muzik Returns was fucking DOPE! One of his best albums. Love Story was more of a country/rap album. Like Eminem said, more of where Yelawolf is from. I liked the album, don't get me wrong, but it falls under Trunk Muzik Returns.

                                                  • Tim Medic
                                                    Tim Medic  4 years back

                                                    your thinking like a fan not a businessperson 

                                                • shortbus1127
                                                  shortbus1127  4 years back

                                                  "Best friend" is an amazing song...touches home on so many levels....Eminem went from rapping about fat trailer park bitches to God. He is where he needs to be in his career

                                                  • shortbus1127
                                                    shortbus1127  4 years back

                                                    @ChronicRiot listen to "Stay wide awake" "Seduction" tell me what they are about and I'll tell you more

                                                  • mastercheef87
                                                    mastercheef87  4 years back

                                                    @shortbus1127 his higher power is proof, he does talk about god but its more so about proof

                                                  • shortbus1127
                                                    shortbus1127  4 years back

                                                    @Kathryn Goe They just heard that Proof was Em's best friend so they automatically assumed that it was about him....when in fact he says "God"

                                                  • shortbus1127
                                                    shortbus1127  4 years back

                                                    @ChronicRiot first off homie I've studied Hip Hop and the art of Emceein for a long time....I can tell you things about Eminem songs that you didn't have a clue about! PROMISE

                                                  • shortbus1127
                                                    shortbus1127  4 years back

                                                    @Kathryn Goe they think because the song says best friend in it that Em is talking about Proof, when in fact that God is his best friend....God has to be or he will relapse.

                                                • GeorgeTengTV
                                                  GeorgeTengTV  4 years back

                                                  This album is a ten.

                                                • Aerys Targaryen
                                                  Aerys Targaryen  4 years back

                                                  So dope!

                                                  • Danny UKDotty
                                                    Danny UKDotty  4 years back

                                                    and its an awesome album!

                                                    • Bill Conlon
                                                      Bill Conlon  4 years back


                                                      • Hiphopfan
                                                        Hiphopfan  4 years back

                                                        WOW SO COOL.. now you can die in piece?

                                                    • nicole Barreiro
                                                      nicole Barreiro  4 years back