What's The Largest Thing To Ever Live On Earth? DEBUNKED

  • Published: 27 January 2019
  • We look at the largest things to have ever lived on our planet, and it doesn’t stop with the Blue Whale or the Patagotitan!

    Join us as we debunk one of the biggest misconceptions in the world!

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    Robin B - Guest VO
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Comments • 24 531

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira  27 minutes back

    The bigger they are, the larger they are.

    • Maxwell With-Friends
      Maxwell With-Friends  10 hours back

      Wow, you Dumbasses.

      • Alan Gaming
        Alan Gaming  13 hours back

        Mosasaurs are 40 to 60 feet not 150feet

        • TechRyze
          TechRyze  16 hours back

          So... how exactly did they weigh this 290 tonne whale in the Antarctic, then? 😂

          • John Vallance
            John Vallance  7 hours back

            Your silly they make a prediction of it of the size they don't pull out your Mama's scale to measure it

          • descent
            descent  16 hours back

            with this: https://www.amazon.com/Ozeri-Kitchen-Precision-Weighing-Technology/dp/B07BG5BKG3/ref=asc_df_B07BG5BKG3/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=241927124583&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13442492386298637896&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9007253&hvtargid=pla-491175141727&psc=1

        • SWIFT ASMS
          SWIFT ASMS  1 days back

          Ok. This video has terrible research on everything. The biggest blue whale ever was 33 m long
          The biggest mosasaurus was 13 m long
          The biggest Argentinosaurus was 26 m.
          Where are you getting your numbers from?
          Oh yeah A MOVIE. Wich plays on the size of many creatures. Example philosoraptor.
          Videos like this make me so angry.

          • Aidyn
            Aidyn  21 hours back

            SWIFT ASMS he discarded the movie point, acknowledging Jurassic world’s inaccurate sizing.

        • Falkarios
          Falkarios  1 days back

          We know more about Outer Space than we do about our own ocean. We probably haven't even discovered a creature that's possibly bigger than a blue whale.

        • seatanko
          seatanko  2 days back

          There's a humungus fungus among us...

          • Lamar Richardson
            Lamar Richardson  2 days back

            Anyone else feel played?

          • rebel without a comma
            rebel without a comma  2 days back

            So, the blue whale? thnx

            • ruby anne carabeo
              ruby anne carabeo  2 days back

              The largest animal on earth is blue whale beacuse he is 120 ft and the masausaurus is only 50 ft

            • Isah Azizi
              Isah Azizi  2 days back

              What about leedsicthis

              Nvm I would think it would make a good honorable mention

              • diharabi
                diharabi  2 days back

                What about Posidonia oceanica? A subject that is 8km long in an underwater meadow of 700km² has been identified underwater between Ibiza and Formentera.

                • Linus Gameplay
                  Linus Gameplay  3 days back

                  Wait...its the narrator of kurzgesagt

                  • KokkusKonsul
                    KokkusKonsul  3 days back

                    The narratos sound for me different

                • Andrew Hall
                  Andrew Hall  3 days back

                  1. They need to state that the specimen found in Antartica in 1947 was an ESTIMATED WEIGHT. They do not know the absolute weight or size of the whale.

                  • DJGOAT VLOGS
                    DJGOAT VLOGS  4 days back

                    Predator X ?

                  • vikas Shirke
                    vikas Shirke  4 days back

                    Actually it is the patigotitan bigger than blue whale patigotitan myorum

                    • slovan01
                      slovan01  4 days back

                      The giant itchyosaur is the same size but not weigh the same

                      • Xavier Chong
                        Xavier Chong  4 days back


                        • dusan ninic
                          dusan ninic  3 days back

                          Mega London?
                          It's not as big as Mega Bejing!!!

                        • Andrew Hall
                          Andrew Hall  3 days back

                          Not even in the top 50. Probably around number #75 or so.

                        • Saman Ali Akbar
                          Saman Ali Akbar  4 days back

                          Megalodon is not the biggest on earth. Lenght of it is 18 meters

                        • Cram Ogniras
                          Cram Ogniras  4 days back

                          Megalodon* and no, it's not.

                      • Saudara Incik Acid
                        Saudara Incik Acid  4 days back

                        Pretty sure yo momma will be in the top 3

                      • Marcus Saffold
                        Marcus Saffold  4 days back

                        The biggest thing to ever live on earth is yo mama

                        • Memes Yo
                          Memes Yo  4 days back

                          Marcus Saffold stupid boomer

                        • Cram Ogniras
                          Cram Ogniras  4 days back

                          yo/joe mama* get it right normie.

                      • Christoffer Hilton
                        Christoffer Hilton  4 days back

                        "Was cut down in 1940"
                        Me: *sad environmental noise*

                        • J & J Jallorina
                          J & J Jallorina  4 days back

                          3:18 Megalodon: Is that my great great great great grandson about to get eaten? Megalodon pops up and yeets mosasaurus before he eats his grandson xD

                          • Darren The Man
                            Darren The Man  4 days back

                            Thanos's pp

                          • Tariq Majeed
                            Tariq Majeed  5 days back

                            Are you serious The mosoaurs is accurate

                          • pickled pickle
                            pickled pickle  5 days back

                            no one:
                            me: "scrolls through the comments while listening to the video"

                            big blue heffer

                            • nigg ward
                              nigg ward  5 days back


                              • nigg ward
                                nigg ward  4 days back

                                Damn Marcus didnt realizes how you didnt know I was fuckin jokin and how big of a fuckin nerd yo ass was😴

                              • Marcus Saffold
                                Marcus Saffold  4 days back

                                Not even close megalodon was not that big stop exaggerating it because you don’t know the facts

                              • Cram Ogniras
                                Cram Ogniras  5 days back


                            • DONT MINE AT NIGHT
                              DONT MINE AT NIGHT  5 days back

                              My phone

                              Hold up why tf all the posts from yesterday

                              • Hombre ruso de 40 años

                                Me with my huge dick

                              • The good boy
                                The good boy  5 days back

                                When he asked what the biggest animal was, I half expected the kurzgesagt intro to play.

                                • Ascend
                                  Ascend  6 days back

                                  I mean I earned a lot but I didn’t click on it to learn about bullshit trees and mushrooms

                                  • Samad Latif
                                    Samad Latif  2 days back

                                    thats what happen when a retard watch a information videos.

                                  • Tony So
                                    Tony So  4 days back

                                    Title says 'thing', so what did you really expect?

                                • Gaming with James
                                  Gaming with James  6 days back

                                  Or the sperm whale maybe the biggest creature but,the Mosasaurus is the biggest! Sea creature on earth.

                                • SonicandLuigi’s Zone

                                  0:02 Nah, I’m pretty sure most people would say ‘UR MOM’

                                • Karl Jo
                                  Karl Jo  6 days back

                                  Interesting, the whole forest of trees can be one organism.

                                  • Aesthetic Deluxe
                                    Aesthetic Deluxe  7 days back

                                    YO MAMA

                                    • Dragon Gaming
                                      Dragon Gaming  7 days back

                                      Titanosaur hmmmmmmmmmmmm HMMMMMMMMMMMM ARK

                                      • harry nac
                                        harry nac  2 days back

                                        I heard weight watchers was very efficient in those days.

                                      • Tony So
                                        Tony So  4 days back

                                        Aka. Argentinosaurus.

                                    • Rope Nutter
                                      Rope Nutter  7 days back

                                      Is is just me or does he sound like the kurzgeagt narrator

                                      • Dragon Gaming
                                        Dragon Gaming  7 days back

                                        Rope Nutter it might be the same person c:

                                    • Marmelademeister
                                      Marmelademeister  7 days back

                                      Honestly, I didn’t click this video to get a video about boring trees...

                                      • Derek T
                                        Derek T  5 days back

                                        So fuck off then? Simpleton

                                    • scoop
                                      scoop  1 weeks back

                                      why are these comments so retarded

                                    • Nomadx83
                                      Nomadx83  1 weeks back

                                      It's not Godzilla ? xD

                                    • vannz cooper
                                      vannz cooper  1 weeks back

                                      And what if there was other animals organisms that was like pando or honey fangi

                                      • vannz cooper
                                        vannz cooper  1 weeks back

                                        Save pando

                                        • ahmadinejad6666
                                          ahmadinejad6666  1 weeks back


                                          • ahmadinejad6666
                                            ahmadinejad6666  1 weeks back

                                            Tes un calisse de fif tbk.

                                            • August Pasquariello
                                              August Pasquariello  1 weeks back

                                              What about dunkleosteus?

                                            • CrazzyRomanian
                                              CrazzyRomanian  1 weeks back

                                              12:09 Ur welcome

                                            • Ronalyn Lumabao
                                              Ronalyn Lumabao  1 weeks back

                                              Mosasaur is biggest because you compared it from a movie

                                            • Radioactive Glue
                                              Radioactive Glue  1 weeks back

                                              Where in the fuck is megalodon? Also why is this so clickbaity?

                                              • Cheadder Puto
                                                Cheadder Puto  4 days back

                                                @Mista Guido What? HAHAHA!

                                              • Mista Guido
                                                Mista Guido  4 days back

                                                @Cheadder Puto those things arent animals. They dont breathe

                                              • Cheadder Puto
                                                Cheadder Puto  4 days back

                                                @Mista Guido My favourite animal is woman! The most fascinating animal to have walked the earth!

                                              • Mista Guido
                                                Mista Guido  4 days back

                                                You dont get to see your favorite animals on every list

                                              • Cheadder Puto
                                                Cheadder Puto  6 days back

                                                Megladon only measured about 18 meters in length tho.

                                            • indigo Gloves Tech
                                              indigo Gloves Tech  1 weeks back

                                              Australia is bigger than sequoias so...