Daily Debate: Which former champion has the best chance of winning back their belt?

  • Published: 17 May 2019
  • Daily Debate: Which former champion has the best chance of winning back their belt?
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Comments • 27

  • Joe Moorhouse
    Joe Moorhouse  3 miesięcy temu

    what i dont get it, frankie was never the featherweight champion so how can he get it back? im a little confused

    • Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier

      Stiopic getting that Belt back!😎

      • Christian McDonald
        Christian McDonald  3 miesięcy temu

        HOLLY HOLM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • El Rilla
          El Rilla  3 miesięcy temu

          Nobody’s beating Max at Featherweight. Max will box Frankie and Volkanovski’s head off. Zabit maybe but Max will take him to deep waters.

          • Ram Bahadur Kami
            Ram Bahadur Kami  3 miesięcy temu

            With all due respect Edgar has literally no chance In fact I don't see any featherweight beating max.

            • Mario A
              Mario A  3 miesięcy temu

              The disrespect towards Miocic man.

              • Gustavo Garcia
                Gustavo Garcia  3 miesięcy temu

                And New x3

                • Edward Johnson
                  Edward Johnson  3 miesięcy temu


                  • Samuel N
                    Samuel N  3 miesięcy temu

                    Holly will regain the title.Why ?The Jon Jones curse. If you are a champion and you are the co main event on a card headlined by Jones, your chances of losing are high. Happened to Cyborg(145lbs), Woodley(170lbs).Hehe, Its a new curse, so we are still getting data

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                      Subscribe for The Pain to End  3 miesięcy temu


                      • ThePolymation
                        ThePolymation  3 miesięcy temu

                        Edgar never won a title at 145

                        • Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier

                          Winning the 155 Belt Twice counts still reclaiming Gold

                          • MG Sallie
                            MG Sallie  3 miesięcy temu

                            Frankie, Amanda, Stipe.

                            • Watch My 666
                              Watch My 666  3 miesięcy temu

                              I have a feeling about Frankie shutting down that volume better than anyone has, plus the weight cut for Max. Holly has the best style out of the whole 135lbs division to beat Amanda in my eyes. Stipe.. We've seen it already, I wonder what might be different.

                              • Watch My 666
                                Watch My 666  3 miesięcy temu

                                @Louis B fighting isn't about absolutes. You and I both don't know for sure what will happen. Point was Frankie has a better possibility than the others.

                                • Louis B
                                  Louis B  3 miesięcy temu

                                  Max is going to piece Frankie up.

                                  • Watch My 666
                                    Watch My 666  3 miesięcy temu

                                    @Brain Freeze what do you think can might be different in DC vs. Stipe 2

                                    • Bork Lesnar
                                      Bork Lesnar  3 miesięcy temu

                                      Holly holm is going to “ish” her way to a L

                                      • Apoorv J
                                        Apoorv J  3 miesięcy temu

                                        Amanda-Shevchenko was a robbery.

                                        • Eric Massey
                                          Eric Massey  3 miesięcy temu

                                          It was close and close goes to the champion.

                                          • Nooo Nope
                                            Nooo Nope  3 miesięcy temu

                                            No it was too close

                                            • Josip 12
                                              Josip 12  3 miesięcy temu

                                              Stipe Miočić 👊

                                              • Leo Dervishaj
                                                Leo Dervishaj  3 miesięcy temu

                                                Holly with the upset

                                                • Josh
                                                  Josh  3 miesięcy temu

                                                  Out of all is Stipe but I think Holly can beat Amanda

                                                  • Josh
                                                    Josh  3 miesięcy temu

                                                    @Bork Lesnar let's see

                                                    • Bork Lesnar
                                                      Bork Lesnar  3 miesięcy temu

                                                      Josh holly holm sucks

                                                      • Marc Gottlieb
                                                        Marc Gottlieb  3 miesięcy temu

                                                        plclip.com/video/8lHFO8hTw6M/wideo.html Thug Rose Stare Down Look :) Nunes lost to the Bullet...Bad decision ! 14 out of 20 so-called experts ( that have channels) gave that 2nd fight to the Bullet...Politics....She complained from the moment the decision came down and continued to do so...Kinda like letting everyone know don't screw me again...A political statement..