Best Solo Player on Fortnite | Best Shotgunner on PS4 | 3190+ Solo Wins

  • Published: 24 June 2019
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Comments • 29

  • leacha clark
    leacha clark  Prije mjesec


    • leacha clark
      leacha clark  Prije mjesec


      • metro pcs
        metro pcs  Prije mjesec

        Oh ha

        • Every One
          Every One  Prije mjesec


          • Megan Harrell
            Megan Harrell  Prije mjesec

            he talks so fast

            • ytolax
              ytolax  Prije mjesec

              bro ur gameplay looks like u play claw on god theres no way

              • Joyce Kidd
                Joyce Kidd  Prije mjesec

                Was up

                • Joyce Kidd
                  Joyce Kidd  Prije mjesec

                  His my mom phone

                  • These
                    These  Prije mjesec

                    شركه دبوان

                    • Grooveyy
                      Grooveyy  Prije mjesec

                      Waddup yaaaaaaaaaaal

                      • Yuyu Yuyu
                        Yuyu Yuyu  Prije mjesec

                        Drop another sens video

                        • Jay brown
                          Jay brown  Prije mjesec

                          U gtta stop talkin like that bro 😂😂

                          • Jay brown
                            Jay brown  Prije mjesec

                            Nobody in Toronto talks like that idk where he get it from

                            • Nic Ong
                              Nic Ong  Prije mjesec

                              “We got a combat shot gun stream yay” The next thing he says “Aahhxncbdnwkakskdkjdndejwkskxkdk jsjkqkwkwkjdcnncnd”

                              • The Realist
                                The Realist  Prije mjesec


                                • Hailey Kaspar
                                  Hailey Kaspar  Prije mjesec

                                  All the comments are hate, the only thing that drove me crazy was how he kept repeating the same song😒.

                                  • Perfectgamer7 BOT
                                    Perfectgamer7 BOT  Prije mjesec

                                    And i subbed to you sweety

                                    • Perfectgamer7 BOT
                                      Perfectgamer7 BOT  Prije mjesec


                                      • Deonte Grant
                                        Deonte Grant  Prije mjesec

                                        I got so good at fortnight

                                        • shonjai
                                          shonjai  Prije mjesec

                                          Dam yew, why niggas hatin

                                          • Deontrez Lewis
                                            Deontrez Lewis  Prije mjesec


                                            • Mexem
                                              Mexem  Prije mjesec

                                              First 7 min u said i had no maths u had 300 wood

                                              • Teetz RMT
                                                Teetz RMT  Prije mjesec

                                                He didn’t have any material left 😂 the guy who killed him had 300 wood bruh

                                                • Jay World
                                                  Jay World  Prije mjesec

                                                  Where are you from I can barely understand you

                                                  • ChronicLucuh
                                                    ChronicLucuh  Prije mjesec

                                                    Jay World he from the six/toronto

                                                    • Im Jacob
                                                      Im Jacob  Prije mjesec

                                                      Why don’t u play 2k no more ?

                                                      • King Fred
                                                        King Fred  Prije mjesec

                                                        Nice stream even tho they was hoeing you ✅

                                                        • Obey Xray
                                                          Obey Xray  Prije mjesec

                                                          I'm streaming

                                                          • RTG 777
                                                            RTG 777  Prije mjesec

                                                            1v1 me