Denver STREETS - Monster Street Cars Get DOWN! 1320video
2 months ago
Passing through Denver lately has ended up with some late nights out on the city streets! Pairing up with some late night locals, we ended up hopping in seats for a night out on the wide open highways! With massive turbo 5.0 Foxbody’s and Corvette..
CHITOWN Cash Days MOVIE - $9000 Street Race 1320video
Month ago
Intensity, Action, and Arguments combined together into one of our longest features of 2019 - Chicago Cash Days 2019 hosted by usclip.net/user/outlawhp - A monumental night filled with some of the most shockingly and downright FAST smal..
World Records, Crazy Wrecks - Import vs Domestic! 1320video
8 months ago
Subscribe ► usclip.net/user/1320 video 1320 Video Gear ► www.1320 video.com/shop The Import vs Domestic: Haltech Worldcup Finals is hands down, absolutely one of the CRAZIEST events we attend. The incompar..
Turbo Honda’s and BMW Pick on GTR! 1320video
6 months ago
Subscribe ► usclip.net/user/1320 video 1320 Video Gear ► www.1320 video.com/shop GTR’s are notoriously fast cars, even stock ones can put smiles on fresh owners faces! This Nissan’s owner can attest t..
The Grand Tour Porsche 918 Killer REVEALED! 1320video
2 years ago
Remember the Nissan Patrol you saw on The Grand Tour? Yes, the one that absolutely DESTROYED the Porsche 918 with Richard Hammond behind the wheel in Dubai. That was definitely a WTF moment, so we had to see what this beast of a Patrol was all about..
Street Racing on completely EMPTY highways! 1320video
5 months ago
Have you ever seen 6-lane wide, brand new, EMPTY highways?! Neither had we - until we landed in Qatar this year. As luck had it - they had JUST finished building their new interstate system to prepare for the upcoming World 2022 Fifa World Cup, but h..
800HP Mazdaspeed6 battles V8’s on the STREET! 1320video
4 months ago
Denver showed up AGAIN! Night 2, we ran into a 1700HP GTR, 800HP Mazdaspeed6, a bunch of SERIOUS Corvettes, and a couple mustangs that THREW DOWN. This was the kind of door to door street racing action we love! Subscribe ► usclip.net/user/s..
SAVAGE street racing in Australia! 1000hp Barra's, Commodores, UTES! 1320video
3 months ago
Australia is always the raddest of times when we have the pleasure to go down! Though the laws for modified vehicles and public roads are pretty strict, Aussie’s always find a way to have fun! In this video you’ll get a taste of the Australian st..
Turbo CIVICS vs Twin Turbo LAMBORGHINI!? 1320video
3 years ago
Here’s a matchup you don’t see very often on 1320 Video! You’ve seen this nasty turbo K20 Honda Civic on our channel before tearing up the streets with his super lightweight chassis and 650 hp to the wheels, but what you haven’t seen is him go..
The Supercar Destroyer - 1967 LT1 C2 Corvette 1320video
Year ago
Who knew an American classic from the 60's would be whooping up on some modern Supercars? From McLarens to Lamborghinis - this Vette was GAPPING anything that lined up against him! You're probably wondering what the powerplant of this beast is? A twi..
FASTEST car we’ve EVER filmed..10,000hp - 300mph in the 1/4mile! 1320video
6 months ago
This thing was absolutely NUTS! 10,000 horsepower, 300mph in the quarter mile, and FIVE FOOT flames coming out of both sides of this beast. If only we could film these things more often!! Subscribe ► usclip.net/user/subscription_center?add_..
Nissan 300ZX SURPRISES muscle cars on the STREET! 1320video
29 days ago
During our trip to St.Louis, we had some rainy nights. All that rain made us think we weren’t going to get any street coverage until some guys put something together during the day! Even though we were only out for a couple hours, we got in a ton o..
3000hp UGR Lamborghini - “FEELS LIKE A ROCKETSHIP!” 1320video
Month ago
The Christmas family are no strangers to SERIOUS horsepower OR high speeds! So its no surprise to find them at this years Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, with BOTH of their twin turbo Lamborghinis, as well as their 1700hp twin turbo Ford GT. Coy has his ..
They Built an ALL WHEEL DRIVE 1300hp Civic 1320video
Year ago
At Import vs Domestic - World Cup Finals, we’re used to seeing lots of civics. But an AWD civic? Now THAT is out of the ordinary. What’s better? It’s pushing 1300hp and makes 7 second passes with EASE! Props to Steve and the team at CLM Motorsp..
ALL WHEEL DRIVE Camaro?  (and 14 other BADASS Cars!) 1320video
Month ago
We finally made it to the UK for Doorslammers 2019 - IT WAS AWESOME! Santa Pod Raceway takes the traditional drag racing culture and nearly creates a holiday out of it! Celebrating some of Europe’s most incredible builds, amazing culture, and som..
He’s Lucky to have SURVIVED! (Race Week Day 6) 1320video
2 months ago
Here's another gut-wrenching example of why proper safety equipment should be your FIRST priority when you're building a race car. We were SHOCKED to see how intact the cab was after rolling SIX times! We're so glad you walked away Troy! Subscribe ..
Police wanted to IMPOUND..so he shipped it overseas! 1320video
5 months ago
Blake Wilkey and his radical 1967 Volkswagen Beetle-buggy are LEGENDS on the internet, after SHREDDING the streets of San Diego - creating a badass viral film that got the attention of the Mayor... ironically the car had already made its way over to ..
Aston Martin Drag Car - Beauty meets BEAST! 1320video
4 days ago
Aston Martin cars are a known to be an excellent fusion of sport and luxury, so hearing about an Aston Martin at the drag strip wouldn’t be totally unheard of. Seeing a 1-off Aston Martin drag car (that is street legal and registered) running 7 se..
1500HP 2JZ Silvia, FWD wheelie bar, Turbo LS Commodore, and MORE! 1320video
2 months ago
The Modified Live event was a pretty paid back event! (considering how crazy Aussies are) It reminded us of a few events in the states, except all the cars are some wacky thing we don’t get in the states! It was a very at home feeling but with the ..
The Nissan “Bike Slayer” - 1700HP GTR on Atlanta Streets! 1320video
6 months ago
Atlanta Streets are always a full of surprises and eager racers ready to line up! Pairing up a 720hp NISMO GT-R against a 1,000hp TT Porsche for $500 was a shocking upset and starts this video off right. Additionally, this 1700hp TSM built Nissan GT..
BoostedBoiz NEW Prelude - 1000hp DOGBOX shifted!! 1320video
26 days ago
BoostedBoiz bought this 1000hp Prelude for only $5,000! All she needed was a transmission and some fresh oil, and BOOM - they were ready for 9 second passes! This car was originally built 10 years ago by Brent @ PFI Speed (BoostedBoiz parter shop), u..
FAST FREDDY - Baddest C10 on the Planet? 1320video
6 days ago
Fast Freddy; a crowd favorite, an OG of the Stockholm Open, and a Genuine Badass! Racing a Pro-Modded chassis of the vehicle his father picked him up from school in, Fast Freddy merges sentiment with serious SPEED. He bought this truck from his dad..
We Discover Some STRANGE Aussie Cars 1320video
Year ago
Australia is absolutely one of our favorite places to go, and this video is a very great representation as to why we love it so much! Cootamundra was a blast this year, and shortly after that we toured some shops and Arthur at Tuners Edge was kind en..
Night Full of STREET RACING in L.A. 1320video
2 years ago
We traveled to L.A. in Southern California to see what the streets had to offer..and boy were we IMPRESSED by the L.A. Street Racing where we ran into 600 HP street cars! We were treated to non-stop racing for 2-3 hours with some high-horsepower str..
Gutted Tesla TROLLS the Streets! 1320video
2 years ago
We ran into the Tesla Racing Channel guy piloting this Tesla P100D on the street...and it was glorious! Are the electric cars finally taking over our bald eagles?! Hopefully not..but this Tesla P100D might have you thinking otherwise. With nothing mo..
STREET RACING in Denver! 1320video
11 months ago
We never know what to expect when we visit Devner, Co. We've seen packs of FAST turbo Hondas, 1000hp GTR's, and this time - 1000hp Vettes and Mustangs! There was even a FULL BLOWN Camaro drag car that showed up! Don't forget to check back for night 2..
Supra Wheelies, 220mph UGR Lambos - TX2K is POPPING OFF | TX2K19 Day 2 1320video
5 months ago
Day 2 of TX2K19 carries the same intensity of Day 1 but with a whole lot more! A full day of racing ensued from some of the HEAVY hitters, despite a little bit of undesirable weather. Knocking out a few round of drag racing, the stick shift challeng..
1000 mile TORTURE TEST - Cleetus BARELY made it! (Race Week Day 1) 1320video
2 months ago
Day 1 of Rocky Mountain Race Week was one for the books! Over 200 cars registered makes this the BIGGEST one yet! We saw personal bests, Leroy and Ruby, and even a HEARSE! Subscribe ► usclip.net/user/1320 video ..
These Cars are getting RIDICULOUS - Lucky 7's 1320video
Year ago
The cars at Tx2k are just getting faster and faster.. yesterday we had 230mph Lambos roll racing - today we saw LOTS of personal records being broken. The Unicorn C6 FINALLY got it’s 7 second pass. The Red Demon from Boostin Performance set a new p..
WHY didn’t we get these cars in the US? 1320video
3 months ago
We’re BACK in Australia again! As tradition, we always make sure to visit some badass shops in the area. In this video, we visit Allsparks and not only do they build some crazy cars, the people there like to do some crazy skids! What a welcome to A..
THREE Turbos and 160PSI on LOW BOOST!? 1320video
3 months ago
We’ve seen some unique builds over the years and this truck is definitely toward the top of that list! This thing makes over 3000HP, has three turbos (two above the bed and one on the passenger floorboard), and this rolls coal at 160 pounds of boos..
LSXcalade - 1200HP Twin Turbo Cadillac Escalade!?!? 1320video
2 months ago
FOUR SLICK TWIN TURBOS = 1200hp LSXcalade! This is the fastest Escalade in the world as far as ourselves & Mitchell are aware! Starting off as his Dad’s work commuter, Mitchell took a hand-me-down college cruiser and spiced it up with an LS-A bl..
They won’t let him race!! 1320video
Month ago
The cherry on top to our annual Cootamundra trip is going to the Sydney dragway for a nice laid back test and tune. While it is laid back, there’s always some crazy Aussie builds there that we LOVE to see! Oh and of course this video ends with a sk..
Biggest STREET RACE in U.S. History (Full Movie) 1320video
2 years ago
CASH DAYS 2017 is the biggest street race to ever take place, its possible this will never happen again - nearly ALL of the 405 & New Orleans Street Outlaws in attendance - Big Chief, Murder Nova, Kye Kelley, JJ Da Boss, The Bird Boys, Shane (Black B..
CANADA Street Racing + Evading POLICE, 1100hp Corvette, RX7 & more! 1320video
Year ago
Canadian hospitality is awesome, and so is Toronto’s street racing scene! We’re never sure what to expect anywhere we go, but we were surprised to see the Toronto street cars gather together on such short notice to show us how they get down! Sup..
Leroy takes on the MOUNTAINS (Race Week Day 2 & 3) 1320video
2 months ago
Days 2 & 3 at Rocky Mountain Race Week have been incredible! We started with all the racers taking their Race Cars through the Rocky Mountains on a 200 mile long journey. And ended with some BADASS racing at Bandimere Speedway! Check it out! Subsc..
2000HP Twin Turbo Viper SHREDS the drag strip! 1320video
Month ago
This car was absolutely one of our favorite cars at SCT Charlotte this year! Not only is the car itself and insane build with a fat tire and over 2000 horsepower, but the owner drives the HELL out of it! Dominating roll racing and competing in multip..
The FASTEST Skyline on the PLANET | *ride along!* 1320video
3 months ago
We had the pleasure of filming this car at last year’s Cootamundra event, but it wasn’t near as fast as it is now! This street car, the JUNII R32 GTR built by Croydon Racing Developments owned by Rob Marjan , is the FASTEST and QUICKEST Skyline o..
These turbo cars are LOVING this weather! (Race Week Day 5) 1320video
2 months ago
The Rocky Mountain Race Week madness continues! While some racers are packin' up to head home, others are turning wrenches and cranking out new personal bests! The off and on rain showers kept the temperatures down, which made for a NICE day for the ..
Not your average 3000gt..MONSTER turbo V8! 1320video
Month ago
One of the last cars we thought we'd see at Rocky Mountain RaceWeek - a MITSUBISHI?! You would think it may not be the most reliable car to take on a 1400 mile long road trip, which involves multiple 1/4 mile passes at 5 race tracks. However, this is..
MASSIVE FIRE - Runaway Diesel on the Dyno! 1320video
3 months ago
We got more than we were bargaining for at our first Ultimate Callout Challenge diesel event! We were expecting to see some carnage, but not a MASSIVE fire like this and a runaway diesel on the dyno! The Dirty Ho*ker Diesel team brought out their L..
Old Hemi Cuda Beats up on NEW Muscle! 1320video
Year ago
This old Hemi Cuda has us GOING at this years Street Car Takeover Dallas! The owner was running in both the 9.50 and 10.0 index class. The n/a 526 Hemi was enough to push this Cuda to run 9.50’s all day so he started in SECOND gear for the 10.0 cla..
He was NOT ready for the LAUNCH! 1320video
2 months ago
While in Australia, THIS is the kind of stuff we look for! (Aside from the rad skids and all the GTR’s) Kyle has definitely been in faster cars, but this has got to be the wildest ride along of his LIFE! What do you guys think of this machine? Sub..
LEGENDARY Track Experience - UK Delivers the Thrills! 1320video
22 days ago
Two full weekends in the United Kingdom at Santa Pod Raceway was an experience that HAD to be shared. Non-stop entertainment and action was supplied all weekend long to keep the thrills high for weekend campers and day attendees alike, and there was..
HOW did he not FLIP OVER?! | TX2K19 Day 4 1320video
5 months ago
TX2K '19 is a wrap and it was definitely one for the books! The level of competition was insane this year paired with some wild wrecks, there was never a dull moment. We cannot wait to attend their second event later this year! Thank you to everyone ..
Junkyard LT1 almost goes 7’s! | Stick shift MONSTER! 1320video
21 day ago
We’ve seen the Tick Performance Camaro before and once again it surprised the hell out of us! The junkyard motor is leaking oil from everywhere and they’re pushing it way harder than they ever intended. Soon they will be putting an LT1 in the car..
LOL I Scared My Boss (Owner of 1320Video) Cleetus McFarland
2 years ago
Poor Kyle didn't see it coming! DO IT FOR MURICA Shirt - goo.gl/H77rXt For all the 1320 Video Gear you saw, you can find it online - www.1320 video.com/shop Jeremy's Shop, Fasterproms (tuning) - (813) 476-7364 Texas Speed & Performanc..
SLICK TRACK puts multiple racers into the WALL! 1320video
4 months ago
Bounty Hunters is always one of the craziest no prep events we attend! This March, the event did not disappoint yet again! There were some close calls and unfortunately the wall claimed a couple cars this year. Aside from the sketchiness of how slick..
Charger Wheelies, AWD Honda’s, Wrecks & MORE! 1320video
3 months ago
Team Boddie’s “No Excuses” race event in Sacramento, California was filled with some WILD cars! The pits were filled full of fresh builds of grudge racers, radial cars, and test & tune racers looking to get some track time and precious data ear..
1200hp HONDA sets New FWD 1/2 MILE RECORD! (210+ mph!) 1320video
Month ago
It's been a HECK of a journey for Myles and his Integra - notoriously known as the "Gringotegra". He's been resetting his FWD record EVERY year at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, and this year is no different! With every upgrade he makes, comes more mph ..